Get to know Psychic Monica

For over 20 years, I have been working with individuals seeking answers. From help with love to answering questions about life changes, I am here with you.


My Story

Gifts run in my family. My grandmother was renowned for her gifts in divination, and my mom has been helping people with her gifts for over 50 years. Growing up in a family of women with gifts, I learned to cultivate my powers, tune into the Source, and listen to the heart of the Source at a very early age.

Beginning in my adolescence, I worked with various family members, psychics, and mediums to learn to hone my gifts. I began to find my powers were strongest in a few areas: communicating about love and the heart, finding answers from beyond, and listening to the Source for advice and direction.

Monica helped me find the answers I needed, the love I was looking for, and always gave me the truth. Not just telling me what I wanted to hear, Psychic Monica has continued to give me the best psychic advice I have ever received!
— Elizabeth S.

Ways I can help

  • Find answers about love, relationships, and your heart
  • Get direction on upcoming events in your life this week or month
  • Communicate with lost friends, family members, and loved ones
  • Seek direction on the next steps to take in your life