Spiritual Advisor Sessions with Monica

Monica is now available as a one-on-one spiritual advisor. As a spiritual consultant, Monica will help you work with the challenges, difficulties, and successes in your life. Although Monica never turns down the opportunity to work with someone, she specializes in working with:

  • Relationship and love issues

  • Finances and career support

  • Family challenges and difficulties

Why Have a Spiritual Advisor?

Monica has decided to switch from offering individual tarot readings to working more in-depth with people for the simple reason that a single tarot reading is not often digging deep enough to get at true answers. Working one-one-one with people allows Monica to really dig deep, be there in times of need, and offer deep and insightful guidance.

Having a spiritual advisor means you have unlimited access to Monica and her insight. Yes, she has to sleep. Otherwise, she is available to you. You don’t just have a single session with her; instead, she is just a text away at all times. You will have support and guidance with you at all times.

How it Works

When you sign up to work with Monica, you can choose the time frame. You then will be able to contact her via email or Telegram. Telegram is a free messaging app for computers and smartphones, and is the fastest way to reach her. During daytime hours when Monica is awake, she will answer you right away and be ready for a conversation. This isn’t just a one-work answer or a simple response. You will be able to converse with Monica as frequently as you need.