Online Tarot Reading


Online Tarot Reading

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I am currently having a tarot reading sale! Get your reading today for a third off the normal price :)

Find some answers with a tarot reading today. We will dive into your situation to gain clarity, insight, and understanding. I do tarot readings on any topic, including:

  • Love and relationship questions

  • Career paths and work

  • Future forecasts

  • Difficulties and personal problems

  • and anything else you have going on!

How it Works

I do tarot readings via the free messaging app Telegram. You can download for free on your computer or cell phone.

To get started with your reading, check out here and add me on Telegram @TheOnlineMedium.

The advantage of using a secure messaging app is the ability to stay in contact, have a conversation, and really connect.

Add To Cart

To add me on Telegram, you can head to, or download the free application Telegram on your mobile phone and find @TheOnlineMedium. Please note that tarot readings are non-refundable once the reading commences!