Learn How to Open Your Third Eye and Awaken with These Techniques

Chakras can be confusing when you first learn about them. One of the chakras many people are first introduced to is the third eye, as it's the chakra of wisdom, intuition, and balancing of emotions and reason. There are many ways to open this chakra without years and years of work. Before diving into how to open your third eye, let's cover what this chakra actually is. If you want to jump right in to a course on opening the third eye, I strongly recommend the course below from Third Eye Help!

What is the Third Eye Chakra?

The third eye is one of the seven chakras, or centers in our bodies where energy flows. Each chakra has a different energy, representing and controlling different qualities in the mind, body, and heart. The third eye is located on the forehead between the eyes, and is sometimes referred to as the brow chakra.

This important chakra is responsible for our sense of intuition, connection with imagination, and the balance between emotions and rational thinking. An open third eye will help you to tune into your gut feelings, see the bigger picture, and connect with your deepest intentions and purpose.

Blocked Chakras

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Sometimes the third eye chakra may become closed. It's in these moments that some third eye healing or opening is greatly beneficial. Signs of a closed third eye may include:

  • Self-doubt or lack of faith in deeper intention

  • Lack of aim or direction in life

  • Inability to make decisions effectively

  • Curiosity or a deep desire to understand more clearly

Benefits of Opening the Third Eye

Beginning to open your third eye, you will likely see many benefits. Whether you want to learn to read tarot cards or just connect more deeply with your intuition for yourself, opening your third eye can be helpful in a number of ways. These include:

  • Stronger connection to your gut

  • Deeper self-knowledge and understanding

  • Enhanced ability to think through problems and make decisions

  • Clarity around big life issues and events

  • Visions and deep extrasensory experiences, especially during meditation

When you open the third eye, you may also feel a bit of tingling or buzzing. This is natural, and is just the experience of the third eye opening to the world. It passes, and is important to know that you're not necessarily doing anything wrong!

Opening the 3rd Eye Safely

There are many ways to open your third eye. Some are dramatic, others are a bit dangerous. Here are five ways I recommend working to open your third eye. You can use one of these techniques, but you may find it most effective to combine these different ways to open your chakra.

1. Chakra Stones and Jewelry

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Third Eye Pendant

Lapis 3rd eye chakra pendant

One way to help the third eye begin to open is by wearing chakra jewelry. Certain stones can help aid in the opening of your third eye. Amethyst is a great stone to use, as is lapis lazuli. You can find a nice bracelet, necklace, or pendant to carry with you. If you can keep the gemstone against your skin, it will have a stronger effect.

You can also find great chakra jewelry here that I love, or click the button below for a free chakra pendant from our friends at Chakra Healing Jewels!

2. Third Eye Meditations and Yoga

There are many different meditations and yoga poses you can do to help encourage an opening. Yoga Journal lists some great poses to activate your third eye that I recommend. You can also find meditations on a variety of topics and with a bunch of different techniques to help. Mind Sync provides powerful meditations for opening the third eye and other chakras, and One Mind Dharma has a great meditation guide for beginners that is helpful. These courses can help activate the pineal gland. The pineal gland is a little endocrine gland that is closely associated with this chakra.

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3. Chakras and Diet

Different foods can help you cultivate an awakening and opening of your third eye. When considering how to open your third eye chakra, it isn't just about meditating and visualizing. You also need to take care of your mind and body. One of my favorite guides to eating in a way that helps us open our chakras is over on Parsnips and Pastries. They offer quite a few foods to eat which help open various chakras. Foods include grapes, kale, blueberries, and more!

4. Affirmations

Affirmations are a great way to cultivate your intention as well. You can find affirmations that work well for you and feel honest and authentic. As a jumping off point for your own investigation, here are a few affirmations you may investigate saying to yourself every day to help open your 3rd eye:

  1. I listen to my deeper intuition.

  2. I can make wise decisions with ease.

  3. I hear my gut and trust my intution.

  4. I am on the right path.

  5. I have natural intuiton.

5. Journal on Intuition

Journaling is a great spiritual way to help open your 3rd eye. You don't need to do anything special. Every day, write a little bit about where your feelings came forth, where you have room to grow, and what your intentions are. As you continue to journal, you will gain a clearer idea of where you are growing, where you have room to grow, and what growth you have achieved. This is a fantastic way to connect with yourself more deeply. Use it as a period of meditation practice.


Third Eye Course

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