Online Tarot Card Reading from Monica

Want your personalized tarot card reading?

Get your personalized tarot card reading, ask specific questions, and find some answers. I am currently doing tarot card readings for half-off, so get started today! Together we will dive into your issue, experience, or yes or no question to find some answers from beyond. Each tarot card reading takes just a few minutes, and you can gain additional free advice after your reading.

Just use the button below to get started with your online tarot reading. I do tarot readings live over the free messaging app Telegram (information below), or can work with you via email! In addition, those who receive tarot readings with me are able to save my information and continue to ask questions.

How it Works

1. You sign up for an online tarot card reading here on The Online Medium.

2. You contact me with a question on Telegram (my link is, username @TheOnlineMedium)

3. I give you a personalized reading with a three card tarot spread to investigate the past, present, and future. You receive pictures of your cards and spread, and have the opportunity to ask me questions about what your spread reveals.