What is the Third Eye?

What is the Third Eye?

I get a lot of questions and inquiries about opening the third eye. It’s perhaps one of the best known of the Seven Chakras. Opening the third eye can lead to greater insight, seeing more clearly, and even psychic powers.

The third eye is associated with the pineal gland. The pineal gland is a small endocrine gland that secretes melatonin. Tucked inbetween the two hemispheres of the brain, this gland has been associated with psychic powers and mystical folklore for quite some time.

This chakra is responsible for our ability to see what may be, or to see potential. It isn’t just about seeing the future or being psychic, but seeing more deeply into present-time situations. Opening the 3rd eye can help you learn to read tarot cards, see the present experience with much more clarity, and get in touch with a deeper reality of the Universe.

Seeing with the Third Eye

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Third eye sight can be thought of as another way of seeing. When we watch somebody walking, we can see several things. We see the motion of the person moving, the person themselves, and the energy being exerted. These are normal things we all can see without any extra effort.

With an open third eye, we can see the potential of the situation and where it may lead. Maybe we know the person, get a sense of their energy and movement, and/or have an intuitive feeling. We may be able to predict their route or direction.

This is not anything too far out there or strange. It’s deeply pragmatic and based in our observation. With an open chakra, we are better able to naturally see what is going to happen. The potential of the experience becomes clear, and we don’t even need to put much effort forth.

Like the sense of seeing, smelling, tasting, etc., the third eye isn’t especially active. Rather, it receives information. Just as a sound reaches our eardrums and activates the sense of hearing, potential reaches the third eye and activates the sense of seeing deeply.

Opening the Third Eye

There are many different ways to open your third eye, and some may work differently for different individuals. I wrote a post recently at https://theonlinemedium.com/open-your-third-eye/ about opening the third eye, so if you’re interested, I recommend checking it out!