15 Tarot Spreads for Beginners - Love, Career, and More

15 Tarot Spreads for Beginners

If you are interested in learning how to read tarot cards, one thing you will need to learn is a few common spreads. I have put together this list of tarot spreads for beginners to help you find a few useful spreads as an introduction to reading tarot cards. These are what I believe to be the best for beginners, but remember you will have to learn to interpret the cards yourself.

With any of these tarot spreads, it can be useful to practice them a few times with a trusted friend or a loved one. This way, you can gain an understanding of how these spreads work and build confidence in your ability to read the cards. You will get in touch with your own spiritual base, and find the ones that call to you.

Tarot Spreads and Layouts

3 card tarot spreads.jpg

3 Card Tarot Spreads

Three card tarot spreads are one of the most common and simple ways to start. When first learning to read tarot cards, a 3 card tarot spread is the perfect place to begin. Here are a few simple three card spreads I use with those learning to read. All of these spreads are linear spreads.

Past, Present, Future

This is the most common and simple, and probably the easiest three card spread to get a handle on. In this spread, the first card represents the past, the second one represents the present, and the third one represents the future. 

You, Your Path, Your Potential

This spread is another really simple one to work with. In this reading, the first card represents the individual and where they are currently. The card may represent a characteristic of their personality, the presence of others in their life, or their general direction. The second card points toward a path or direction more clearly, while the third card signifies the potential of the individual.

Situation, Action, Outcome

This spread is one of my favorite three card spreads as it can give really clear and pragmatic direction to the individual seeking help. The first card signifies a situation the individual is dealing with, the second is the action that needs to be taken, and the final card is the outcome to be expected.

Mind, Body, Spirit

To finish this section off, we have the Mind, Body, Spirit spread. This one is super self-explanatory, and leaves a little room for interpretation by the tarot reader. The three cards can create deep insight in core characteristics of the individual's mind, body, spirit, and whole experience.

Tarot Spreads for Love

When I work with individuals new to tarot cards, they frequently ask about ones for love. In fact, most readings I do surround the topic of love, relationships, and ex-partners. As such, it's great to know a few tarot spreads for love and relationships.

love tarot spread.jpg

Ready for Love

This is a pretty simple way to do a love reading. In this spread, cards are arranged in a pyramid shape. You can see the layout to the right, and here are the individual card meanings:

  1. What you want in love

  2. What you have learned from love

  3. What is holding you back from love

  4. Readiness of your heart

  5. Readiness of your mind

  6. Readiness of your spirit

tarot spread for love.jpg

Finding Love

This is a five card cross tarot spread you can use to investigate finding love. This is one of the most common ones I use for simple love tarot readings.

  1. Are you ready for love?

  2. Lover's characteristics

  3. How you will meet

  4. Relationship properties

  5. Potential of relationship

Compatibility Relationship Spread

This spread of tarot cards is a little more complicated than the previous ones, and takes more interpretation and experience from the reader. This spread is a great one for love, focusing mainly on the dynamics between an individual and their partner.

relationship tarot spread.jpg
  1. Your wants/needs

  2. Their wants/needs

  3. Your differences

  4. Your similarities

  5. Emotional compatibility

  6. Physical compatibility

  7. Mental compatibility

Broken Heart Spread

This seven card spread can give some insight into a relationship and the problems being faced. For those struggling with disagreements or confusion, this spread can help give some clarity.

  1. Your part in the problem

  2. Their part in the problem

  3. What you can do

  4. What they can do

  5. Outside influences

  6. Can it be saved?

  7. Is it worth saving?

Career Tarot Spreads

Career readings offer the chance to find clarity from the Source on an individual's future with their work, finances, and calling in life. Here are a few of my favorite tarot spreads for careers.

tarot spread for careers.jpg

Searching for a Job

If you or somebody you know is on the job hunt, this spread is the one to use! It gives insight into the current job search situation and what to do moving forward.

  1. Your attitude regarding the job search

  2. What is blocking you

  3. Your natural skills

  4. Your special talent

  5. What do you need to learn about yourself

  6. Advice going forward

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Basic Career Spread

This is the basic tarot spread I use with careers in general. You can use the layout to the right, with the following meanings of cards. It's a six card pyramid spread, built from the base up.

  1. Your purpose

  2. Your motivation

  3. Your responsibilities

  4. Your projects

  5. Potential rewards

  6. Where it is all leading

tarot card spread.jpg

Career Challenges

We all face challenges at work and in our careers. This is a common question I receive during tarot readings, so thought I would offer a career challenges spread for you to try!

  1. Your goal

  2. Your biggest challenge

  3. What's holding you back

  4. What's pushing you forward

  5. What the job gives you

  6. Deeper factors

Daily Tarot Spreads


Daily Check In

I use the daily check in tarot spread personally in the mornings just to see what is in store for the day. You can use it yourself, or help somebody else gain some perspective on their day with this simple 3 card spread.

  1. Today's feelings

  2. Today's health

  3. Today's thoughts

Hidden Truths of the Day

Sometimes the day has things in store that we don't see coming. This basic layout can help give you some guidance for your day, and reveal the hidden truths.

  1. Today's theme or lesson

  2. Hidden or deep truths

  3. Advice and direction

Areas of Life

This daily spread is super straightforward, and is one of the most basic in this category. You can use this spread to look at specific areas of life, revealing aspects of the day to you in order to help gain some clarity.

  1. Work or school

  2. Family and friends

  3. Love and relationships

Time of Day Tarot Spread

This last daily spread is another three card one that looks at the times of day. It is relatively simple, but leave room for interpretation by the psychic or reader.

  1. Morning

  2. Afternoon

  3. Evening

If you're interested in learning more about reading tarot cards, I suggest checking out the Reading Tarot Cards Revelead course or the Ultimate Online Tarot Reading Course. Both courses are affordable, and will give you a deep understanding of the cards, common spreads, and more. 

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Choosing a Tarot Deck

Finding your first tarot deck can be hard. Whether you want to learn a Celtic Cross or a simple three card spread, the deck matters. Here are a few great decks for beginners that we love. Check them out!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me. People have questions, and need help learning, and I am here to support you.