King of Wands Meaning For Love

The King of Wands card represents a natural born leader; it represents ambition, success, a career oriented individual with big dreams and big aspirations. Sitting on his throne, decorated with the accessories of royalty, the King of Wands represents a person who has reached the top of their journey of success. The salamander chasing his tail lets us know that success and creativity are an infinite cycle, should we choose to follow the teachings of our highest form of self. The king sitting upon his throne represents how comfortably we can live, if only we’re confident enough to follow our dreams and our hearts.


In different positions, the King of wands can take on different meanings-- usually a variation of the above description. So then, what is the king of wands meaning for love?

King of wands meaning for love has several meanings. The first, is that it either represents where you are in your life, represents the kind of lover you’d like to attract, or represents the kind of lover you’d like to be. The king of wands is a great card to receive for love, as it shows that the love you’re attracting into your life is extraordinary and great. Although, in the reverse position, it could serve as a reminder as to what kind of person you deserve to attract; to set the highest standard for yourself and your love life.

Many mediums will tell you that the king of wands meaning for love is a positive influence either exists or is manifesting in the near future. As with any card from any reading, the cards will do their best to explain and reaffirm any beliefs you may have or work to reassure any doubts that you may have. Oftentimes, we wonder if we’ve found our soulmates, and are confused when the king of wands card is drawn. Maybe our partner doesn’t possess the qualities that the king of wands symbolizes? Maybe we’ve just broken up with someone and we’re unsure as to whether or not the king of wands means they were our soulmate, or if another person will come into our lives?

This is where the rest of your reading is beneficial and important. The King of wands meaning for love is contingent upon the strength of the other cards that you’ve drawn, yet also stands alone to suggest where our hearts are— or where our hearts will be.

When I draw the king of wands, I take it as a sign that I’m either on the right path with who I’ve found, or that I’m manifesting the right person into my life. Much like the serpent chasing its tail, I know that love is infinite, and when I believe it is such, so it becomes. When we’re young, we believe that love should be a fairytale, so when the king of wands meaning for love is that we are either building or are already in our fairytale romance. Much like the leadership qualities the king of wands is known to possess, so too do these qualities exist in our soulmate. Who doesn’t want a successful relationship? Or a relationship with a natural born leader, built upon ambition and infinite love.

As the king sits on his throne, we too must find our throne as the support and nurturing in which we crave. The solace and comforts of knowing that when we receive this card, we’re receiving confirmation that we’ve already found our soulmate, or that we’re on the path to finding our soulmates. It’s also a reminder to work towards possessing the qualities of the king of wands, so when we do draw this card, we know exactly what the king of wands meaning for love is.

The king is a ruler of his kingdom, and when we begin to see our hearts as such, as well as our lives as our kingdom, we open ourselves to the possibility of attracting our match.

If you’re still unsure of the king of wands meaning for love, doing another reading can help to set your mind at ease, and to offer you insight into what lies ahead for you. Utilizing our daily horoscope will help you each day to set the intention to listen to your heart.