King of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

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King of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

The King of Wands is a tarot card that shows an upright leader, vision, and power. Like many other tarot cards, there are many ways to interpret this card when it shows. First, let's look at what is depicted traditionally on the King of Wands before diving into what it may mean.

The King of Wands depicts a king sitting in his throne holding a blossoming wand. The throne is decorated with lions and salamanders, which are symbols of strength. There's a strong theme of fire, as the color of his robes are orange and red, the salamander is a symbol of fire, and the crown symbolizes tongues of flame.

King of Wands Meaning

The King of Wands generally signifies the pure fire energy. Unlike other cards in the suit of Wands, the King is not inclined toward creativity or imagining. Instead, this is a card that shows a drive to take action and get things done. In short, the King of Wands is an action-taker.

This card signifies leadership, setting goals, and moving toward the intentions. Often, the King of Wands signifies an upcoming challenge, but one that will be handled by taking the reins and owning it. Also, other people tend to gravitate toward people with this quality, as the King knows the way and is willing to be the one to make the tough decisions along the path. 

When this card shows himself in a tarot spread, it generally points toward an opportunity that is arising. Furthermore, it is an encouragement to take action when the chance comes and lead your life with intent. 

King of Wands Reversed

When the King of Wands is reversed, it may mean a few things. It can point toward the oppposite qualities that the King normally displays: hastiness, impulsivity, and over-imagination without action. Sometimes, the strong personality of the King can turn from a healthy assertion to a more impulsive aggression.

On the other hand, the King of Wands reversed can mean a lack of faith in oneself. Instead of the normal King who is confident and takes action, the reversed King of Wands can show some doubt and insecurity about one's own intuition and drive. It may be a sign to trust yourself and turn toward taking action.

King of Wands Love

In a love reading, the King of Wands is an interesting card to find. When one learns how to read tarot cards, one of the first things you notice is that there is always some room for interpretation. This is certainly the case when this tarot card shows himself in a love reading. 

When looking at a partner, the King of Wands can mean the person is living with these qualities presently, or will grow to have them in the future. A King of Wands makes an excellent partner, and this is generally a good sign. The King will work hard, provide for others when they need to (financially, emotionally, mentally, spiritually), and continually show up for life.

In other tarot spreads related to love or when looking at the King of Wands relationship outcome, the King of Wands may point toward your own need to take action. If you are looking at predictive love readings and the King shows himself, it signifies a need to go after what you want. Set a goal, take action, and achieve!

King of Wands Yes or No

Many tarot card readers look at the entire suit of Wands as a neutral suit. This is up to individual readings and situations, and may be interpreted differently. If there is one card that leans toward a "yes" strongly in this suit, it certainly is the King. Assertive, goal-oriented, and pragmatic, the King falls more toward the "yes" side of neutral.