King of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

King of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

The King of Cups tarot card depicts the King sitting in his throne with a quality of calmness while the sea is turbulent around him. A fish may be found jumping in the background, and on the amulet hanging around his neck. You may also see the ship sailing across the sea behind him. Regardless of the chaos going on around him, the King sits with power and wisdom.

This is one of many tarot cards, and part of my effort to share what each of these cards may mean when pulled. If you'r interested in learning more about tarot card and their meanings, I recommend checking out this course below!

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King of Cups Meaning in General

The King of Cups is a part of the suit of cups. The Cups are cards that represent emotions, love, relationships, and connection with other people. It's associated with the water element, and a symbol of fluidity and the power of healing. Generally, finding a Cups in your tarot spread is a sign of a need to connect with the heart, or perhaps the overuse of the heart. 

Of course, where you find the King of Cups matters greatly. The King of Cups meaning depends largely on the situation. I'll cover a few common readings I do, and what the King of Cups may mean in each situation.

The King of Cups Timing

Depending on where in the tarot spread the King of Cups shows himself, it may have different meanings. Although the card retains a similar signficance, where it is pulled has a serious impact on what it may actually mean.

King of Cups Future

If the King of Cups is found in the future position, it signifies a coming calm and ease in one's life. It points toward the release of difficulties, emotional turmoil, and a mind/heart imbalance. Finding the King of Cups in a future tarot spread signifies a more balanced and calm future coming. This often means a resolution of problems or difficulties.

King of Cups Present

In the present place in a tarot spread, the King of Cups is telling us there is some sort of calm energy that can meet this situation with a powerful ease. It may be the individual's own balance, or somebody in their life. The King of Cups here can serve as a reminder of your own innate ability to meet the difficulties with calmness and wisdom of the heart. It may also point toward trusting somebody else who has these qualities.

King of Cups Past

When you find the King of Cups in the past, it may point toward a few things. First, it may be a reminder of the way the individual was in the past, and how their calmness impacted their experience and where they are today. The card may also be bringing up a calm person from the past that is a friend or family member. If so, the tarot card signifies a need to connect with this calmness of the person in order to progress. 

King of Cups Reversed

When the King of Cups is reversed, it can mean a few different things. When the King shows himself reversed in a spread, it signifies the opposite qualities that you think of when you think of this card. A reversed King of Cups is a sign of toxicity, lack of emotional balance, and moodiness. It may be an individual who is deeply caring and loving, but falls into an emotionally controlling energy.

When reversed in a relationship or work spread, the reversed King of Cups is a sign of confusion, especially between the heart and the mind. You or the other person may be uncertain about the feelings present, experiencing lots of change emotionally, and/or falling into a desire to control the world around you.

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King of Cups Love Outcome

The King of Cups in a love outcome can be quite interesting. As you can see in the card, there are little bits of chaos that cannot be controlled in this moment. However, there is some calm or harmony with this experience.

The King of Cups in a love reading signifies a gracious moment in a relationship. If the individual is currently in a relationship, this is a great sign. It means you can disagree healthily and work through difficulties together. If you're not in a relationship, it may point toward a readiness to connect with someone.

King of Cups Yes or No

The King of Cups is definitely a Yes. However, there's something more improtant to take note of if the King of Cups shows himself in a yes/no situation. If the King of Cups is found, it means the person already knew the answer within themselves. This can be a useful reminder to trust your own calm intuition in these times of difficulty or chaos.