Free Love Tarot Readings

I get a lot of emails and requests for free love readings. Although some ask for numerology compatibility or a horoscope reading, most people want a true love reading with tarot cards. Although I do offer a free email reading, I don’t offer free love readings with tarot cards. As such, I thought I would offer some of my favorite free resources out there!

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My Favorite Free Love Readings

There are tons and tons of websites out there offering free love readings. As you can imagine, some are better than others. Luckily I know many of these people and website, so can recommend a good one for you!

First, there’s the tarot reading from True Love Answers. True Love Answers has a wonderful free true love tarot reading that is simply one of my favorites. It takes a little longer than many other free tarot readings, but it offers a truly in-depth look at what is going on for you in your love life. You can look at desire, compatibility, the future, and more. Through her work with tarot cards, she will surely offer one of the most in-depth readings you can find online! Check it out by clicking the button below.

The other reading I like comes from the one and only Anna Kovach. If you don’t already know Anna, she’s a wonderful, insightful, and reputable psychic who was an early adapter of the online space. Her love reading is not free, but it’s simply the best love compatibility report out there. It’s not a short, few line explanation with some generic and boring stuff you already know. Anna will really dive deep in with you, and is often available for follow-up sessions and questions.

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Doing a Self-Reading on Love

One thing that I highly recommend is to learn to do your own love tarot reading. This way, it’s always free and you can continually check in. There are tons of different love readings you can do. You can look for true love, investigate your compatibility or ideal partner, dive into your deepest desires and passions, and much more. I covered some love tarot spreads in my post on tarot spreads for beginners at

If this is something that interests you, I recommend reading my guide on learning to read tarot cards. If you are a naturely intuitive and curious person, this is a great path to take. You can do your love tarot reading every day if you’d like, and even help support friends looking for answers!