Tarot Cards - Get a Tarot Deck, Learn to Read Tarot, and Get Your Reading

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Tarot Cards - Get a Tarot Deck, Learn to Read Tarot, and Get Your Reading

Tarot cards are a common tool used by many psychics and mediums. Even if you have not been to a psychic before, you've likely seen these decks in movies or on the television. Learn a bit about Tarot Cards, their history, how to get starting reading tarot, and get a free reading!

What are Tarot Cards?

Tarot cards are playing cards used today for tarotology, or the practice of using cards to gain insight and answer questions. Originally used to play games, reading tarot cards is a form of cartomancy, or the reading of cards to find meaning. 

A traditional tarot deck contains 78 cards. Twenty-two are Major Arcanes and fifty-six are Minor Arcanes. Much like modern playing cards, there are four suits. Although this is the standard, many mediums and psychics choose to use decks they have built themselves, often with a different number of cards.

A Brief History of Tarot Cards

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Tarot cards were first used in the mid-15th century in Europe. The cards were used in Italy for games called tarot and tarocchini. In the 18th century, tarot decks were used for divination in Bologna, an area in Northern Italy. This is the first known use of the tarot deck for cartomancy.

Over the years, tarot cards have grown in popularity. Wealthy families had custom-drawn decks, with some of these decks surviving today. Many popular tarot decks have remained the same for over a hundred years, such as the well-known Rider-Waite deck. 

Reading Tarot Cards

Reading tarot cards is not exactly about reading anything other than your own intuition. Tarot cards are not believed to hold any deeply special power. Instead, the user is utilizing the cards drawn as a sign from the universe or Source about where to look for insight. Someone reading tarot cards is using their own connection, insight, and intuition to interpret the drawn cards.

Generally, certain tarot cards have specific meanings. Some readers are strict with the cards drawn and their meanings, while others allow more freedom from creativity and interpretation. The tarot card meanings are just suggestions or jumping off points for most, not serving as a rule. 

You can find out how to learn to read tarot in my recent post How to Read Tarot Cards. There are some suggestions, guides, and courses you can take to help learn how to read tarot and connect with your own intuition. 

Buy Tarot Cards

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Free Tarot Reading

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Tarot Guide by Card

Learn about individual cards, their meanings, and what they have to tell you!


King of Wands

Finding Clarity in the New Year

Finding Clarity in the New Year

One of the things about the New Year tends to be resolutions. People set New Year's resolutions and often forget about them a few days or weeks later. We often set intentions such as working out more, eating healthy, or picking up a new hobby. Instead, we can tune into something deeper to set intentions any day that are more rooted in love, passion, and truth. You may try seeking help from a psychic or medium to get in touch with these deeper goals.

The Problem with Resolutions

Resolutions can be really great, and help us in our lives. Whether it's a New Year's resolution or an intention we set on any given day or week, it can be helpful in our growth. However, many intentions, especially New Year's resolutions, end up backfiring on us.

When we make a resolution, we often end up investing too much happiness in the achieving of our goal. If we don't go to the gym every day as planned, we may begin to beat ourselves up. We lose steam as we beat ourselves up, and this can take us into a downward spiral and away from our intention.

The resolutions people set around the New Year are often related to something on the surface, such as looking better, eating better, or getting a new job. These are all wholesome things and healthy for us, but we don't always take the time to really connect with ourselves on a deeper level. We aren't listening to anything greater than our egos often.

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Tuning into Deeper Intentions

You don't have to have any special power to tune into your deeper intentions. We all have some psychic power, and the ability to listen to the universe within us. We all have it, regardless of circumstances.

You may call it God, the universe, intuition, the soul, the Source, him or her, or whatever you please, but we all have it within us. Sometimes it is louder than others, but it's always there. All we have to do is tune into it and listen. We can turn toward this deeper truth for more guidance with our intentions and resolutions.

Rather than just going with a resolution that comes from ego or the surface, we can connect with something greater in order to generate intentions that really mean something to us. These deeper resolutions are more deeply and intimately connected with ourselves and the universe around and within us.

When we have a resolution that comes from this deeper space, the added connection helps us stay with our resolution. When we are connected on a foundational level with our intentions, we are driven more wholeheartedly. We may have the same intention as before, but because we are fully connected to the universe, we are able to stay with it.

To connect with your deeper intention, you can try a few things. First, meditation is a wonderful practice. By sitting in silence and quieting the mind, this intuitive voice may come forth. You may also try spending time with Mother Nature, as her serenity can offer the opportunity to really hear. Finally, seek help from a psychic or medium. You can get your first online reading for free right now!