Cosmic Energy Profile


More and more often in today’s world, we are looking to the spiritual and psychic world for answers or clues about our future and even our past lives. Chalk it up to curiosity, but I believe that with so much technology, the world is moving away from each person knowing their purest and truest form of self. Now more than ever, it’s more important than ever before to fully understand these different facets of ourselves, so that we can become of greater good to the world around us

What is a cosmic energy profile? 

Based on an ancient calendar, simply entering your birthday is enough information to have a full cosmic energy profile reading. I recommend continuing to use your daily horoscope as a way to stay in tune with the world and energy surrounding you as well as receiving a cosmic energy profile. 

As we’re all familiar with our astrological signs and a free psychic reading there’s an even more in depth way to have a reading to discover more intricate details to your life and your life’s energy profile. The cosmic energy profile has over 250 signs, rather than the 12 signs of the zodiac which is used for your horoscope. 

Will my profile differ from my horoscope?

Not at all. In fact, by having your full cosmic energy profile, I believe it’ll only serve to help you interpret your horoscope and tarot readings more clearly. Think of your horoscope as a message that’s hand delivered for you to interpret, while your tarot is a reading that you partake in by choosing your cards. Understanding your profile will give you an even clearer insight into what these other messages you’re receiving means. It can seem scary, but once you’ve learned more about yourself on an ancient scale, even more meaning will reveal itself to you in your mind’s eye.