What is the Third Eye?

What is the Third Eye?

I get a lot of questions and inquiries about opening the third eye. It’s perhaps one of the best known of the Seven Chakras. Opening the third eye can lead to greater insight, seeing more clearly, and even psychic powers.

The third eye is associated with the pineal gland. The pineal gland is a small endocrine gland that secretes melatonin. Tucked inbetween the two hemispheres of the brain, this gland has been associated with psychic powers and mystical folklore for quite some time.

This chakra is responsible for our ability to see what may be, or to see potential. It isn’t just about seeing the future or being psychic, but seeing more deeply into present-time situations. Opening the 3rd eye can help you learn to read tarot cards, see the present experience with much more clarity, and get in touch with a deeper reality of the Universe.

Seeing with the Third Eye

third eye.jpg

Third eye sight can be thought of as another way of seeing. When we watch somebody walking, we can see several things. We see the motion of the person moving, the person themselves, and the energy being exerted. These are normal things we all can see without any extra effort.

With an open third eye, we can see the potential of the situation and where it may lead. Maybe we know the person, get a sense of their energy and movement, and/or have an intuitive feeling. We may be able to predict their route or direction.

This is not anything too far out there or strange. It’s deeply pragmatic and based in our observation. With an open chakra, we are better able to naturally see what is going to happen. The potential of the experience becomes clear, and we don’t even need to put much effort forth.

Like the sense of seeing, smelling, tasting, etc., the third eye isn’t especially active. Rather, it receives information. Just as a sound reaches our eardrums and activates the sense of hearing, potential reaches the third eye and activates the sense of seeing deeply.

Opening the Third Eye

There are many different ways to open your third eye, and some may work differently for different individuals. I wrote a post recently at https://theonlinemedium.com/open-your-third-eye/ about opening the third eye, so if you’re interested, I recommend checking it out!

10 Famous Psychics who will Amaze You

10 Famous Psychics who will Amaze You

Over the years many well known psychics have amazed us, helped us, and shown us the power of their gifts. Some of these famous seers have become internationally recognized for the incredible work that they do while others have remained unknown. It is important to recognize these psychic greats because we have so much to learn from them.

John Holland .png

10. John Holland - Gifted Medium

John is living legends as far as psychic mediums are concerned. John knew that he was different ever since he was a young child. He could feel a deeper connection to the spirit world that even then he couldn't deny. Years later, he now used the world stage to help as many people as possible reach out to someone who has passed on. He made the decision to use his gift in order to help bring others a sense of peace and closure.



Theresa Caputo.jpg

9. Theresa Caputo - The Long Island Medium

Otherwise known as The Long Island Medium, Theresa Caputo is probably one of the most well known psychics in the United States. Despite the normal reality TV show drama that comes with her show, she is a talented medium and gifted healer.

Theresa dealt with crippling anxiety until she went to a spiritual healer who told her she was suppressing spirit energy. When she finally embraced her gift, she was able to communicate with those who have passed on and her anxiety went away.


Baba Vanga.jpg

8. Baba Vanga - Soothsayer Extraordinaire

Baba Vanga was a beloved Bulgarian grandmother who made a number of incredible predictions over her lifetime. Unlike other psychics on this list, she was not born with her gifts. Rather, in the early 1920's, when she was just a child, a tornado lifted her out of her house and tossed her in a field nearby. When she awakened there was so much dust in her eyes she was no longer able to physically see.

Despite her loss of sight she gained a spiritual sight. Over her lifetime many people came to her so that she would predict what their future held. Baba Vanga passed on in 1996 at age 85.

Uri Geller.jpg

7. Uri Geller - Mystifying Telepathy and Psychokinesis 

Uri Geller is an Israeli born psychic who was gifted with his abilities around age five when he had a spiritual encounter with a sphere of light. It became clear shortly after that encounter that something was different about Uri. He gained the ability to bend spoons at the kitchen table using nothing but his mind. This is something he still demonstrates to audiences to this day.


Allison Dubois.jpg

6. Allison DuBois - The Medium

You might know Allison from the hit TV show Medium where Allison demonstrated her abilities to the world. While the TV show was fictionalized it was based very closely on her life. The show depicts her assisting law enforcement with tracking criminals and solving crimes.

Allison visions come to her in dreams, which she for many years has used to help law enforcement. She is able to see both past and future and these visions are credited with helping lead to the successful convictions of many criminals.

Jeane Dixon.jpg

5. Jeane Dixon - Syndicated Astrologist

Jeane is one of the most well known psychics due to her long running astrology column. She is credited with making a number of absolutely mind-blowing predictions. In a 1956 issues of Parade Magazine she predicted the assassination of precipitant JFK. Additionally, she predicted Nixon's election as well as a 1972 terrorist attack.

Jeane was a devout catholic and attributed her psychic gifts to God. Sadly she passed on in 1997 at age 93.

Lisa Williams .jpg

4. Lisa Williams - Life Among The Dead

Lisa Williams is an rewound medium who is best know for her three U.S. television shows including, Life Among the Dead, Lisa Williams Live, and Voices from the Other Side. Lisa is not the only person in her family who knew she was different, Lisa's grandmother was also a gifted medium and the two shared their experiences and visions. She has now dedicated her life to giving people readings and helping them connect with loved ones who have passed on.



Sylvia Browne.jpg

3. Sylvia Browne - America's Most Controversial Psychic

Sylvia began having spiritual visions at age five but she was so young she could not make sense of them. She worked with her grandmother, who was also a medium, in order to understand what her visions meant. Although her work with law enforcement officials is well documented there have been many people in recent years who have tried to discredit her predictions.

She earns the title as America's most controversial title because a number of her predictions about missing persons cases wound up being wrong. Of course, many people who worked with her still say that she was a gifted medium and enormously helpful to them. However, it is hard to say if her abilities were genuine.

John Edward.jpeg

2. John Edward - Psychic Medium

One of the most famous psychics internationally is Long Island native John Edward. He is known for his multiple hit TV shows and best selling books.

It became clear to John's family at a very early age that he was gifted. John would often recount details of events or family history that happened well before he was born. His family would frequently verify his visions using family records and photos. He now uses his gifts to bring hope to people who have family members who have passed on.

Edgar Cayce.jpg

1. Edgar Cayce - The First Famous Psychic

Our number one most famous psychic also claims the title for first famous psychic. Edgar was born in 1877 in Kentucky and is now often referred to as the father of holistic medicine. Like many other psychics we have listed, he became away of his gift at an early age. 

Edgar would put himself into deep meditative states where he was able to have visions by connecting with the universe. He offered readings about reincarnation and healings to many people in need by tapping into this universal consciousness. Edgar passed on in 1945 at the age of 68.






Queen of Swords Tarot Card Meaning


Queen of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

There are many ways to interpret tarot cards and how they are interpreted often depends on the context of the tarot reading. Sometimes the card represents a part of yourself while other times it represents an important person in your life. The queen of swords is no exception. Having her in your tarot spread can point to both a hidden aspect of yourself or someone in your life.

Before we dive into how to interpret the queen of swords, let us look at how she is usually depicted. The strong and subtle queen is shown in profile sitting on a stone throne. In one hand she holds a sword that is facing upward and her other hand is outstretched with her palm facing upward. The sky above the queen is clear and blue with one single bird soaring above her head. She has a golden crown upon her head and is dressed in white robes.

Queen of Swords Meaning

It is often believed that the queen of swords represents a woman in your life or the feminine energy you posses. This person or energy is considered both powerful and inviting. Her open hand seems to beckon someone to come toward her while her sword represents her power and strength.

The clear blue sky above the queen indicates the clarity of mind that the queen has. She is able to see things as they are and offer others her insight, wisdom, and maturity. The bird soaring above the queen's head represents her ability to soar above daily challenges and use her clarity of mind to find meaningful solutions.

Additionally the robe and crown that the queen wears indicate her importance. She is not someone who can be overlooked or forgotten. When the queen appears in your life she is important and impactful.

Queen of Swords Reversed

When the queen shows herself reversed it often indicates that you are thinking with your heart or intuition rather than with a clear mind. It might mean that there is something happening in your life or with someone important to you that is making you emotional. While it can be helpful to use your heart in decision making, sometimes you need to rely on your mind.

It is also possible that the reversed queen can indicate that relying too much on cold intellect has created an imbalance. Having her upside down may mean that she has been devoid of emotion when trying to get to the bottom of an issues. This can cause its own difficulties and problems. When this is the case it indicates that you need to remember the outstretched hand of compassion.

The Queen of Swords in Love

When the queen of swords shows up in a love reading it indicates that you need to rely on someone who is clear seeing and powerful. It might mean that you need to search inside yourself for these qualities so that you can be both compassionate and decisive. It could also mean that you should turn to someone your trust for love advice who has the clarity of mind you need to help you make the best decision.

If you are learning how to read tarot you will come across many different interpretations of what this queen means when she shows up in a reading. This is because it can indicate so many different things depending on who the reading is for. Sometimes for men and lesbian women it is thought that the queen showing up in their reading means that the powerful and clear minded woman is soon to be their love interest. While for straight women it is thought to represent a part of themselves.

Whatever the case may be, it it is clear that when the queen of swords is in a love reading it is a good sign. It indicates a sense of hope that someones love life is soon to become even more clear and compassionate.

Queen of Swords Yes or No

When asking questions in a tarot reading some cards lean toward a yes answer while other cards lean toward no. The queen of swords is certainly a card that leans toward yes. With her power, clear seeing, and inviting nature she indicates a yes to the questions you might be asking.

Past, Present, Future Tarot Spread - 3 Card and 9 Card Layouts

Past, Present, Future Tarot Spread - 3 Card and 9 Card Layouts

The Past, Present, Future tarot spread is probably one of the most commonly asked-for in my online tarot readings. It's one of the first spreads newcomers to tarot reading are likely to learn, and can be incredibly useful in uncovering truths and insight. 

If you're beginning to learn how to read tarot cards, the simple 3 Card Reading for Past Present Future may be the best. However, I've also included a nine card reading I use sometimes that dives a little deeper. Here, we'll look at the simplest versions of these two spreads. 

3 Card Reading - Past, Present, Future


This is one of the best tarot spreads for beginners, offering perhaps the simplest look at a multi-card spread. You will shuffle your tarot cards how you do, and pull three cards next to each other as pictured. I've labeled them 1, 2, and 3 for ease.

The first card simply represents the past. If there is a specific question being asked, this may signify something to do with the individual, somebody in their life, a situation they're facing, or their spiritual realm. Obviously it depends on the type of tarot reading you are doing. 

The second card is the present, showing what is going on in this moment. If the question you are investigating is one that asks for advice or suggestions, this present card in the middle may give some insight into possible courses of action in the immediate future or present moment.

Finally, there is the future card. This may be read as an outcome, or what is to be expected. Different tarot cards here may mean different things. Some cards may point toward further action, while others point toward specific outcomes. 

9 Card Past, Present, Future Tarot Spread


The other layout that I love is the 9 card past, present, future tarot spread. This one is a little bit more complex, but offers a truly insightful look at the past, present, and future. Again, I numbered the cards in the photo to help explain, especially since this one is a little more complex. So shuffle your tarot cards, and let's get started!

So the first column (cards 1, 4, and 7) is the past, the second column (2, 5, and 8) is the present, and the final column (3, 6, and 9) is the future.  The first row (1, 2, and 3) is the mind, the second row (4, 5, and 6) is the present situation/difficulty, and the third row (7, 8, and 9) is the strengths.

So, that may seem overwhelming, but you can get the hang of this spread. For example, card 4 is a look at the past situation, or the causes of the present situation. Card 2 is what is present in the mind right now. This is definitely a more complex tarot spread, but if you run through it a few times you will get it pretty quickly :)



King of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

king of wands.jpg

King of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

The King of Wands is a tarot card that shows an upright leader, vision, and power. Like many other tarot cards, there are many ways to interpret this card when it shows. First, let's look at what is depicted traditionally on the King of Wands before diving into what it may mean.

The King of Wands depicts a king sitting in his throne holding a blossoming wand. The throne is decorated with lions and salamanders, which are symbols of strength. There's a strong theme of fire, as the color of his robes are orange and red, the salamander is a symbol of fire, and the crown symbolizes tongues of flame.

King of Wands Meaning

The King of Wands generally signifies the pure fire energy. Unlike other cards in the suit of Wands, the King is not inclined toward creativity or imagining. Instead, this is a card that shows a drive to take action and get things done. In short, the King of Wands is an action-taker.

This card signifies leadership, setting goals, and moving toward the intentions. Often, the King of Wands signifies an upcoming challenge, but one that will be handled by taking the reins and owning it. Also, other people tend to gravitate toward people with this quality, as the King knows the way and is willing to be the one to make the tough decisions along the path. 

When this card shows himself in a tarot spread, it generally points toward an opportunity that is arising. Furthermore, it is an encouragement to take action when the chance comes and lead your life with intent. 

King of Wands Reversed

When the King of Wands is reversed, it may mean a few things. It can point toward the oppposite qualities that the King normally displays: hastiness, impulsivity, and over-imagination without action. Sometimes, the strong personality of the King can turn from a healthy assertion to a more impulsive aggression.

On the other hand, the King of Wands reversed can mean a lack of faith in oneself. Instead of the normal King who is confident and takes action, the reversed King of Wands can show some doubt and insecurity about one's own intuition and drive. It may be a sign to trust yourself and turn toward taking action.

King of Wands Love

In a love reading, the King of Wands is an interesting card to find. When one learns how to read tarot cards, one of the first things you notice is that there is always some room for interpretation. This is certainly the case when this tarot card shows himself in a love reading. 

When looking at a partner, the King of Wands can mean the person is living with these qualities presently, or will grow to have them in the future. A King of Wands makes an excellent partner, and this is generally a good sign. The King will work hard, provide for others when they need to (financially, emotionally, mentally, spiritually), and continually show up for life.

In other tarot spreads related to love or when looking at the King of Wands relationship outcome, the King of Wands may point toward your own need to take action. If you are looking at predictive love readings and the King shows himself, it signifies a need to go after what you want. Set a goal, take action, and achieve!

King of Wands Yes or No

Many tarot card readers look at the entire suit of Wands as a neutral suit. This is up to individual readings and situations, and may be interpreted differently. If there is one card that leans toward a "yes" strongly in this suit, it certainly is the King. Assertive, goal-oriented, and pragmatic, the King falls more toward the "yes" side of neutral.