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Free Psychic Reading by Email

Have a burning question? Get your free psychic reading by email today. Get a quick answer to a question about love, a reading about your upcoming week, or some other communication from the Source. 

Monica will answer your question within 24 hours of receipt. If you have longer questions about future significant others, the timing of future events in your life, or an in-depth forecast of your week, view the services on the home page!

About the Online Reading via Email

The email psychic reading is meant for short and quick questions. Please include your question for the psychic in the form. The more direct and specific the question, the better. If you have a longer or more general question, please visit our home page for further services. Monica receives a few dozen of requests a day, so please understand the brevity of the free reading.

Monica will not answer questions about illegal activities, intentions to cause harm to oneself or others, or any other harmful behaviors. Common themes to acceptable questions include:

  • Love - finding significant others, next steps in relationships, etc.
  • Timing - general timings of future events
  • Forecasts - brief overview of upcoming events and experiences
  • Advice - suggestions, intuition, and direction from the Source

If you're not sure, just go ahead and ask! Monice answers every incoming email, so look for a response within 24 hours! If you enjoy this free email reading, please feel free to share with a friend or loved one.

Please note that Monica is receiving many requests, so you reading may take some time!

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